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Sept 28th to April 16th will not be booking in Florida.

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ALL appointments are done by cash. There are no exceptions.

Full Body Pampering

This service includes two hours of therapeutic relax and decompression. Enjoy a bath or shower, body scrub, manscape, stretching, reflexology, and full-body massage. THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE! .

Personal Care

If you don’t look your best, it’s hard to feel your best. My full-body grooming service includes a shave or trims from the neck down, front and back. This takes about two hours to complete. 

Holistic Healing

A pill doesn’t cure the trauma and drugs and alcohol do nothing for the effects of long-term mental stress. Our appointments are fun, laid back, relaxing, and the conversations are real. This is your safe place whether you’re a businessman under severe stress at work or someone who has served our country.

What Makes My Service Special?

Therapeutic Massage

Unlike those whose background is only massage, I work with your body and try to understand how injuries and long-term stress may have changed it in order to deliver a truly therapeutic massage. The manscaping men find it relaxing as well as soothing.

Holistic Healing

I believe that in order for the body to be healed the source of the stress has to be reduced or eliminated. It’s unfortunate that men really don’t have a safe outlet for their emotions without being judged or risking everything by being honest and risk being medicated.  As such, I try to make our appointments fun, laid back, relaxing, and the conversations real.

Take a moment for yourself

Let me help release the stress and tension


What My Clients Say

Payments Accepted: Cash & Cash App

When traveling to in-calls in other towns, I have a small dog that travels with me and attends in-call appointments.  He is hypoallergenic, loves veterans, and wears a wrap inside the property. 

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