About Me

Who I am

I’m a passionate woman that loves to meet new people and learn from them. When I stared this business I was just doing massage and I had a home to pay for.  As a single independent woman that was informed I had two weeks before I was without a job. I started advertising on Craigslist. I learned how to market myself and what people needed!

It turns out that all of my clients were veterans. They were and still are my #1 clientele. I love my country and I love our veterans!  Because of the number of veterans I serviced I designed my style of appointments.  

I’m a woman that men can trust and to talk to without stress.  They come to me to relax. I even have celebrities as clients but I never discuss them and I respect their privacy.  I recognize that everybody is a person with feelings and would like to be treated the same. Everyone is treated equal here.  

I am an all around compassionate and caring person that desires to help people feel better – physically and emotionally — so that they can be successful in their lives.  

My professional training

You never know where the road may take you!

I was born into the medical field. I was raised by a family who in their own way spent their lives serving their community and Texas. We love our country and we love our people!

I originally went to school to become a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA), I then went to school to become a certified massage therapist. It is the blend of these two that make my services unique (I think).

Early on in my life I also worked in suicide prevention and sat suicide watch. This job taught me that people desire to be heard and need someone to talk to without being judged. 

My appointments are not rushed and its not just about a massage. I focus on the body, mind, and soul – blending my formal training into a holistic experience.. You can go get a massage but if you have a lot on your mind the physical relief of the massage will only last a while. Its great but you didn’t have the chance to work on the root cause of your discomfort – your stress!


Health Benefits


Produces Feelings of Caring, Comfort and Connection


It Counteracts All the Sitting You Do


Effective Treatment for Reducing Stress


Reduces the Pain and Muscle Tension


It Counteracts All That Sitting You Do and It Improves Sleep
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