Caring for Individuals

I had a real privilege caring for a Lady. She was beautiful and feisty a widow of a Veteran. Her skin was flawless and she had this personality to go with it. I started back at Thanksgiving and it ended 1/6/2024.

She was able to enjoy her Birthday, Christmas, and New Year with her son. God is good he honored the son’s wish to spend another Holiday. God said we have not because we ask not. She was very funny and a sassy thing. We had a couple of stand-offs. She was a very independent woman. I told her that I had a lot of admiration and respect for her because of it.

You know people get older and go through stuff because you aren’t pushovers and they fight the good fight. I did a few appointments during this time bc she was more my focus. She’ll be so missed. We spoke about what heaven is like and she said endless massages. Lol, she loved getting massages.

Enjoy your parents while you have them we are all not guaranteed tomorrow. So live in the Present and embrace it and don’t be afraid to tell the person how you feel. Time slips away and then you may never get the chance to say what you needed to say.

Today my sister ex ex-husband’s grandma passed away she was 102 years old can you imagine the things she experienced in her life? She saw so much so much. It’s like a library being burned down. Elderly people are what built this country never disrespect that they are owed our respect.