I care about people I do despite how some may behave.

My life is truly blessed I’m alive and I’m physically able to care for others, love others, and make a difference in their lives with encouragement and kind words. I believe God blesses us so we can be a blessing. When I first started doing appts. It was by donation only what they put on the table was the kind appt they received. With that said yeah some took advantage and others were such a blessing. It’s not my job to judge. So this year December and January are in the Orlando area only. Bc when I go out of town I have to get a place and pay for gas. But starting today and through February it will be donation only. And out what I get I’ll be blessing a food pantry a couple of veterans nonprofits and a couple of other places. With that said also going to be based on how this goes. But this has been something I do on the side of healthcare. So please see when I’m available/inquirer. Currently, I’m caring for 4 ladies and one of them is a volunteer I’m making nothing of it. I go in and give her massages she’s an elderly lady I’ve grown to love she is so sweet. As always I look forward to booking you. This is my attitude of Gratitude for what Orlando has done for me.

This is my way of giving back. I believe that each of you to be blessed in the new year. I believe you have new business ideas, new contracts, new doors opening no man can shut.

I believe heaven is open and pouring out a blessing on each of the client’s homes. I’m believing for overflow and overwhelming blessing for all of you in the New Year!!