Patient’s Place

This week I was leaving a patient’s place. I came to a red light and I looked at my phone oh I’ll reply to my old doc that made a response on FB. As I’m watching this little s10 roll through a red light. I’m watching I’m like if you’re going to run through it like gun it.

They were barely rolling I heard some honks. I’m looking to see what’s wrong with the person’s hump over the steering wheel. I shove my car into the park. Keep in mind when we do CPR classes most of us hope to never be put into the situation but preparation is always good. I jump out of my car and go a full-fledged run. I’m not a skinny chick nor was I ever a marathon runner.

but I ran like their life depended on me. I’m thinking how am I going to stop that as I’m running after it? Then 2 men flew past me and got it stopped as I got to it I shouted move. I leaned in cool to touch, glassy eyes, blue all around lips. I’m like they are DOA. I flung my finger at a guy and yelled, You he said yes I said get them out vehicle now and lay on the ground right here. So the 2 men did. No one went hey I know CPR. So I pushed one time talking to myself and said they are DOA and going to need a corner. The woman on with 911 said to send a corner. 2x I press down I said in the name of Jesus. And I started praying out loud as I did CPR. A nurse showed up and said I’m a nurse I can take over if you need me to I’m going as I jumped up. That was the 1x for me not in class for so CPP and life hand on it. It was so real and intense. Afterward, my hand was shaking pretty badly life is so precious and it doesn’t matter. When our life  flashed it’s amazing to be used and to conveniently be in the place that called to help no banks on Sent from my iPhone