Awesome things are happening this year!

Awesome things are happening this year! This week has been like wow. I apologize for having such a tight schedule. It will free up in the future more bc I’ve been helping a son care for his mom that on hospice and I’m the only caregiver helping him. 

Well, and I’m the only one his mom takes meds for or will associate with. Everyone else she tells them to get the F*** out. I consider matters and how I’d want to be treated. So I’ve been very dedicated to helping her. I have a blind lady I’m caring for she said she used to love to cook cookies. I said let’s do it she said no I can’t see. I told her I’ll be the eyes and measure and you can stir. So today we made cookies together. Stepping outside your comfort zone can be a good thing. The other lady I’m caring for Tue going to go to the Doctor and get Cortizone injections she’s seven and living in bed. And has been refusing to the sons to go. I told her you can live in bed miserable or take action. And live life again. 

This week I sent an elderly widow who has stage 4 cancer a box for groceries she’ll receive by next week. It’s awesome to help other people and to get out of living in the box. Life’s full of adventure and unexpected twists and turns.