Life’s very precious

This has been a rough last couple of weeks. Life’s very precious. I believe. At the end of life, you should be cared for with love and compassion. I have 3 patients over the last 3 weeks and in 12 hrs. one fired agency bc she didn’t want to do what she needed to do. And one got rushed to hospital with fluid in the lungs.

Broke my heart she is such a sweet lady. And I have one privately caring for and she is in Hospice. We’re in the up-down stages where you’re not quite sure. On the top page posted will be my schedule till her passing. She was a veteran’s wife and I’m her only caregiver that she’d work with. So I’m seeing this through till she goes home to see that soldier again. 

Please be patient I’m very dedicated to who I’m caring for. I take it very seriously it has kind of messed up my availability to do the massage appts. That is true but she’s needed me and her son needed moral support during this time. It’s not easy caring for people and it emotionally affects you bc you care. We just can’t allow our emotions to affect the decision we make.