I booked an appointment asking if she could come to me. She came to my hotel to make the appointment. It was such a nice experience. She doesn’t get in the bathtub with you to be clear. When she’s done with you your skin is so smooth and you feel like you’re on cloud 9. This appointment isn’t one to go into being pressed for time. Because she will take her time working on you. – Tampa, Fl

I booked for the Grooming appointment. She trimmed and shaved me from the neck down. She did the front and back. I was going on vacation and wanted to look nice. It took her 2 1/2 hours to complete. She’s very particular when grooming. – Smith, West Palm Beach

I’ve been a regular getting her 2-hour appointment. I contacted her because I fractured my back and my wife is not an empathetic person. I was hurting so bad and I couldn’t lift my arms too far. She came in showered me shaved my face and helped me dry off and get dressed. She was on top of things and was a very caring person, unlike the wife.- cracked back man Daytona


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