History of the bath

In my next blog, I’ll write about the History of Baths. For those of you who enjoy information like I do. But for now, I’d like to discuss the Bath part of the appointment.

It’s amazing how many texts asked about the bath or said what a bath is. To you all, if there was not a shower I’d be concerned about your hygiene. Lol but seriously men tend to not take baths

I get it. The average man says it’s been 10 to 20 years since their last bath. Even in the Wild West days, they had bath houses. Have you ever wondered why? I think people back then understood the elements of healing it offers. For the record no I don’t get in with you. Yes, I get asked that a lot as well.  It’s time to take a time out for yourself get pampered not be rushed.

This appt done with the perspective that we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. And by someone who values time and believes in the healing elements of touch as well as time. So when you come be ready to just soak the worries away. Because this is your time to be pampered, respected and treated like a king.

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