I share this to encourage others in giving and the reason for giving. It’s God’s will for us to be givers. And I believe that he is our provider. I believe that to say your broke is sinful and just like cursing God. This month I was so blessed in area I’d been praying for. It has been emotional I’m thankful to God over the last 2 weeks has been awesome. I went left on the counter of a little elderly woman 200. Why? Because God said we are to take care of the widows and orphans. But, it’s a step further this woman trust God she walks in it and there is nothing fake about this woman. Every time I’ve seen her and left she would raise her hands up in the air proclaiming God’s promises over me. Yes it’d emotional because when someone is praying over your life God’s going to move. So what I was doing is blessing her for blessing me. When someone is a blessing to you never forget then. You honor God when you honor those that have been a blessing in your life.  

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