Fund Raising Goals

This year I’m going to take on an Elderly woman with a low income. I was asked if I’d sponsor her for Meals on Wheels. So this year we’ll be sponsoring an elderly woman to have Meals on Wheels delivered to her.

Another one of my goals is to be more involved with fundraising. I’ve joined a Veterans Organization to do this. I also want to give back more this year than last as well. I’m excited about the opportunity and meeting new people.

The Girl Scout I got her table in yesterday and took up to the American Legion her aunt said she’s going to be so excited it’s been her hold-up for several years. The son of the woman I was caring for the son had me come over and gave me also her jewelry. It’s well it’s an Awe kind of thing. Because it’s something you’d never expect. When good is done for you you should pass it down. So I went home went through my jewelry made up several bags and will be giving it away. His mom was a Beautiful Lady I enjoyed caring for. A lot is going on this year and I’m excited to see where it leads to and how many lives I can touch this year it’s going to be awesome!