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I believe that in order for the body to be healed the source of the stress has to be reduced or eliminated.  In my experience, with many people this stress is mental and not physical.  Many times my clients who are veterans suffer from PTSD.

Our appointments are fun, laid back, relaxing, and the conversations are real. I enjoy what I do and I love our country and especially our military.  This is your safe place whether you’re a businessman under severe stress at work or someone who has served our country. Its unfortunate that men really don’t have a safe outlet for their emotions without being judged or risking everything by being honest and risk being medicated. 

Working together we can tear that wall down. What is discussed doesn’t leave the room. There is no shame nor any judgement here..  I help you without medicating you or causing more problems. I am your friend and your advocate not a mental health councilor or psychologist.

Its sad that our men who have been sent out to serve their country come back to be treated as if they are mentally ill.. A pill doesn’t cure the trauma and drugs and alcohol do nothing for the effects of long term mental stress. 

Many in the military have seen things and possibly done things that stay in their head that others cant imagine or relate to. I’m sorry for the things you have to live with. I try to be  an advocate for those that have served, a friend, and a resource to help you relax.  You can talk openly without fearing you will  lose your career and those you love for talking honestly about what is causing your stress. Many times men on a different mental level stay longer to talk with me.

If you need this type of appointment your appointment will easily run longer. I have also had men come just to talk not wanting any of the services I offer and that is also fine.  You’re welcome to bring a beer.  

Thank you for serving your country.  I salute you for all you have done.

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