Today, I read some devastating news on Facebook. When I was a child my siblings attended Karate. The man that taught the class was good friends of Pat Burlesson and Chuck you guessed it. He was awesome and as a child I loved that man. There’s different kinds of love. I have the highest respect for that man. He loves God and his country.

He demonstrated it in each of his classes. We saluted him and the flag in the beginning and end of every class. He taught us if we disrespected our parents our fellow classmates or acted out in school. In class we would be striped of our belt. We had to fall back in line to the white belt area.

There was nothing more humiliating and humbling as a child. It happen to me 1x and I swore it never happen again. Of course it didn’t. He taught us karate wasn’t just about fighting or kicking butt.

Karate was about honor, respect, character and he was all about building up all those things. To watch and see how he’d take a child to the side. He didn’t tell you why or how or what made you do what you did. He asked you. He made you think for yourself. He’d point out facts about it after you open up told him.

The thing about a child is they never forget. And you can’t feed them a line of bs. A child will read right through you. He was a man so many loved and respected on such a high level. He’s been placed on Hospice and it devestated me so. I hate the idea of the world loosing another good one.

He is the best and his heart and blood pump red white and blue and was for God and Country. Meeting that man and training under him was in deed one of the greatest gifts my parents could had given me. Indeed it has been a training I’ve carried with me all my life how I treat other, speak to others and hold myself and beliefs.

There has been very few I have met in my life that I would done anything for and was honored to salute. Thank God he had a daughter and I pray she will carry everything he was about with her for the rest of her life. She has life long friends and family that she could call on anytime. I’m just so sorry she’s but a teenager that going to lose her dad. That he won’t get to see her Graduation or her fall in love or be a Grandpa. Because her child would had the best anyone could had hoped for.

I curse cancer to Hell where it came from. And I can’t wait til the day Satan answers for every evil and wrong thing he’s ever don’t to people. It was one my greatest honors to have a friend, mentor and man of honor that taught me about respect and honor on another level. And I wished every teen would had the privilege to learn in the world. Because it does make you a better person and makes you want others to be a better self. I salute you and honor you sensei in everything you accomplished in this life and the lives you forever influenced and changed.

I salute you and love you for everything you stand for and taught us to. You and the family are in my prayers at this time. I’m grateful he was able to love and have

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