Failure Is Not an Option

Failure is not a option

Doing these appointments i have met all kinds of professional men. The thing about people that are successful is they failed and failed who knows how many times. I get to have conversations with some that they would never openly have. I try to be transparent with everyone. Its not always easy and when im very transparent with you. The fact is i do care and i designed this appointment so i can help people. Oh BTW, making my own hours and working when i want to. Lol! I appreciate the men being transparent with me i know some the conversations make them feel vulnerable. Everyone has to have an outlet. And everyone has baggage and that is reality. Its just some feel like they have so much relationships seem impossible. I get all those feelings. I divorced 12 years ago from a man that was very controlling. At the end i found out the many skeptons he had in his closet and one i knew must been so bad. I moved over an hour away and he stalked me. He would get into my home.  When someone comes in yiur home uninvited and leaves a calling card its like being raped or mind F*****. A home is where you go snd should have peace. I had none. When i left the marriage i was deathly ill and no one could give me answers. The 1st year i went through 3 vehicles due to tampering. Some people are jyst good enough they font get caught. For a while people think your over reacting or maybe you didnt properly taje care the car or let run out oil. No, i was just living in hell. So i got a job where i worked in different hospitals the same 1 but thry had qyut a few. So i would bounce around and not have routen. You have peace for a time. Unfortunately, i lost that job due to a situstion they say damn if you do damn if you dont. I regret nothing when i take care people they are #1. I had 2 weeks to come up wuth a plan. At the time my hemoglobin was a 8.5 and the only reason i held that was from having a good friend that was holistic. And getting a job at the hosp. Thinking your now employee maybe that help you get help. No it didnt work. So when i lost the job i had to do something where i could work when and sleep as i was needing without losing my job. Plus i was free to move around and work on people making my vehicle safe. I know this is scary. I kept it to myself no matter how sick i was. I finally in 2021 after 18 years being deathly ill. My hemoglobin dropped to a 6.5 and they gave me 3 pints of blood. Im go grateful i finally was able to find a doctor thst listened and took action. The doctors today arent what thry use to be. They arent personable or caring like they should be in this field. I moved 4 states away its me and Rascal. But this was the only way i could  live at peace with no caos. I get asked alot are you married etc. Im like im single and i work a full time job and do the appointments on the side. Plus theres when you date people they want to know about you. Im very private i try to be transparent with my clients to a degree that not easy. But i know how crazy people can be as well as life. Im nearing 6 months ive lived wih peace and quiet. Its not easy becayse in the back your head you can never let your guard down thats the reality many if us live in. Its very sad. But it is nice to finally be able to slow down breath and have a full time job and do appointments. Due to the clients i was able to pay bills while being down in my body. I appreciate all the clients i see. I love giving you ear so you can vent and relax. Or jyst giving you an appountment that was designed with you in mind. No matter where you are in life or how many times you failed. Success is in the horizon just keep going and never give up. You have to want it bad enough that youd fight for it. I look forward to meeting you. This transparency wasnt for everyone. If your fighting for health i hope it was encouraging. If you feel like you have to much baggage for someone to love you. Well im not in a relationship so i can only encourage you thet everyone has baggage and everyone deserves to be happy at peace and loved. I just try to encourage the people i see how i can in whatever their circumstance is. 

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