Last Trip To Florida

It was exciting, as usual, doing appts in Florida. I was at a Longhorn steak house and had been there a few days before. The manager came over and asked how things were. She said she remembered me from a couple of days prior. I didn’t like how the broccoli was. She said so it’s official; we’re family. She said once I know you were family. She asked where I was from I said Texas. She said wow, I’ve always wanted to go to Texas. I said I was moving to Florida; she said, “you move here, and when you’re ready to head back”, she threw her hand up in the air like she had a lasso and said, “well, saddle up and I’ll head back with you.”

I had a client come to see me in Florida, and he was happy he was really getting a massage. I said, “you thought you’d get a half-ass appt, didn’t you”? He said, “oh no, when I read you were from Texas, I knew it wouldn’t be.” I said, “oh”? He said, “yes, ya know it’s Texas.” It was so funny. I love seeing my clients; we pick on each other sometimes.

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