Life can be so ….

Life can be so interesting and never a dull moment. Currently, I have 1 Indonesian lady I’m caring for who loves to call people constantly. And she’s motivated there no get her out bed. Then the lady I used to work weekends I go to see her she’s well in a real pickle with a fractured hip and shoulder. It breaks my heart. I don’t foresee her being back in her home. But between clients and the other 2 elderly people, I’m caring for between seeing clients. I go up and give her massages to help her with the pain. They are all 3 nice and cantankerous ladies. Lmao. The new one is living with the son and I think when I went to the hospital to help my son get her home I think she thought were dating. She said I like this one lol. They are all such nice ladies I hate they all have their obstacles with certain health issues. So I’m doing appointments I ask for some advanced notice. I respect everyone’s time and I truly to be flexible with everyone I do not rush to work with any of you.