Food Pantry

Last week on Wednesday I went and was a volunteer for a food pantry for a day. If you ever feel bored Go volunteer your time. Someone needs you.

If you feel depressed bc things aren’t happening go influence and bless someone else. It’s so rewarding helping people on the side of doing appts. I love it so much. It’s so awesome seeing other people blessed or their needs meet.

I encourage you to hold a conversation and to build and restore. I had a client come see me Thursday. He said I was the 1st person to old a real conversation with him. He was thrilled.

He said he’d moved her 3 years ago fleeing his country. That a long time without real conversations. Everyone is always afraid to be offended or hurt feelings. That it’s like they’re a muzzle on society anymore!! But it’s sad and not the country I grew up in.

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