No Dating Or Relationships

I’m going to put myself out there, in all honesty. When I started this, there was a combination of things going on. But I committed to no dating or relationships.

To be honest, I know how men feel. I don’t want to disrespect someone. And I previously had been married; I wouldn’t even talk with a man privately without telling him all about it. I never liked secrets, and I didn’t want there to be assumptions. I went on a couple of dates, and they would ask what I do for a living, and when I was honest, they cracked up laughing.

Then, they looked at me and said are you serious. It was very degrading and disrespectful. It’s very hard when you’re committed to what you do. I put my clients #1, and when I do healthcare, they are #1. So I feel for those of you who are committed to your work and have issues balancing your personal and professional life. It’s really hard.

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