Relationships Require 100%

Relationships are not 70/20 or 50/50. They are you each give it 100%. Because when one is down and not 100% you need to have their back. And same the other way. A relationship that lacking in this is not in good standing and having issues. Communication is so important. The other partner should never dread talking to you and dread it knowing you’ll start yelling. Why do I say this bc I’ve heard it a few times. And heard it again this week.

The thing is is you can’t or don’t talk you may have a piece of paper that says you in a relationship. But the reality is not really. I can speak from experience. I was in a 9 year marriage I should divorced the 1st year. But I was taught marriage is a commitment and that it’s like a sin to divorce. We never spoke unless business and $$. At dinner no communication. Just really sad and the fact is no one knew. Because I believe what happens in your house stays as well as in the bedroom. So I never spike or shared what was going on. That wasn’t a relationship.

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