International Callers Notice

I’ve had issues with returning Text messages to international numbers. And all together issues with contacting you back. If you’re an international caller or Text. Please email me through the website or call me from a phone line in your room. But I will say that email will work best to ensure I can contact you back without issue. I’m sorry for your inconvenience.

When I offer incall men expect decent place. One that they won’t walk out and be like omg where do my tires go or the whole car.

When I come and do an outcall to you and you’re in the hotel. I’m not going to the Ghetto Roach Motel. Why? There are so many reasons but all comes don’t to it’s not happening.

And I’m not heading to your place without the address and vital information I need to come there. Such as address and if you’re in a hotel what room

. I don’t just go winging it and I’ll give it to you when you get here. If it’s that secret I don’t need to come see you. Relax this is supposed to be a pamper relaxing appointment.

Please respect my Boundaries. I get some people in this world were never told No in their life. But maybe your mom and Dad should have. And no name some guys may be into that with women. I’m not respect boundaries my appointment is relaxing and you’ll feel great!