Why do clients pick my service?

I like to ask what made the client pick me. I’m aware of all the different ads and the crazy ads as well out there. One of the top comments in the conversation is you seemed more real. I think that is so sad we live in such a fake world you can’t take people at their word. I tell everyone I’m as real as you’ll find and I can be real with my clients. There are still people out there who appreciate honesty. 

I’m from the Orlando area and when I travel outside there doing appointments I try to have some pre-booked. Why? Because I travel a few hours sometimes and just like you don’t want me to waste your time i don’t have time to waste. When I leave before I even get there to do your appointment I have already invested in you in gas and location as well as my time. So I prefer men to know that they know they are free. I’ve had some men wanting to sneak around for appointments which is crazy then last minute cancel appt because the wife decided not to go out of town or because she decided not to go to work. Makes me glad I’m single the way some of the married men have me jump around. And men want me to not contact them while they are at home. Some need to be equally respectful and do not contact me at 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. That’s just rude if you are a vet having issues you can contact me any time. The barflies trying to find something else to do at 12 a.m 3 a.m. Move on! I work a full-time job on the days I’m not doing appointments. I put everything into what I do and it’s not easy traveling the miles I do and I’m usually always on the go. I keep business and personal separate ill be honest and transparent. But we have to have some healthy boundaries. I appreciate the clients I see. I get asked a lot about what I love about hd appointments the answer to that varies. But I love learning something new and different from each of the men. I’ve met some awesome people. And some of them I hope to rebook soon because I enjoy their time. 

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