Working With Elderly

I love working with the elderly. They are past the BS and say what they have to say with no hesitation. But sometimes it’s just so funny I love it. So I do healthcare as well as doing these appointments. I’m all about helping people find resolve and relaxing. People are comfortable talking to me. And I love having clients that enjoy good conversation and relaxing. We have came up with great ideas in appts. So this week I’ve been doing a healthcare job. This couple has great humor. It was a year ago I was here last time. Her husband has dementia.

When you have Alz. Or Dementia you live in your own world. A good caregiver considers theor feelings and respects their space while helping. Well one night he refused to let us get him ready for bed. So I said come on strip for us. His wife play along said oh ya we may have to put $1 in that brief. He played along slowly danced as he carefully took the clothes off. He was comfortable and I was able to get his night wear on. The thing is when you try to force them to do as you say they get combative. I’ve in past had clients swing at me if they feel like your making them do something. So I try to make it fun and let them do on their own time. I know what it’s like to be sick and not feel like doing things. And I feel like what goes around comes around. So how you treat others will come back to you. So this week I’ve had the same couple. I was changing him into his night wear. He went like he was going to set down as I went to pull up the pants. I said are you trying to set on me? He said I wish. I said you dirty old man. He cracked up laughing as he says I can’t help it.  Yesturday the other aide came in to get him ready.

The were going for the bedroom and he said; where are we going? She says to the bedroom. He says are we going to have sex? We all were laughing. I’m sorry but age doesn’t matter or where your head is. Men always think about sex.  But it’s great they get along so well. His wife wanted him to do something he got mad the other day told her go to hell. She replied only if we’re going together baby. I’m not going without you. It was so sweet and weird. But they both cracked up and he said ok. I love couples like this it’s so sweet. I know it not been easy roads. But they made it and get along so great. He’s on Hospice and has heart failure and it really makes me sad. It’s been such a privilege to work for this couple. Today is my last day with the 2 of them. 

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