Crazy Week

This has been a crazy week I was raised to be ready in and out season. For the last 6 months. Saturday to Monday I’ve been unavailable due to I work full time in the medical field. As of Thur, my patient fractured her hip and shoulder so the family made her go to rehab. My heart goes out to her.  You may not be family when you’re caring for someone but you build a relationship so it’s devastating. We’d Thur Fri I was a fill-in this week for a Hindu family. He was a doctor working for VA for 30 years. This isn’t our home we’re just visitors and we’re doing great when we leave it we leave something good behind. I went in We did a bed bath massage dressed and after letting him rest some I got him up. He got to go outside in the wheelchair one last time and feel the sun on his face. Then brought him in and he did his prayer time. He was ready for bed. Told everyone he was the happiest. He’d nap then wake up and ask if he checked out the family would say no. He’d say well it’s not my time yet. Thur he spoke to grandson and he told the grandson your my jewel. They said then he said now I’m ready. At 6 am the wife found him. It was heartbreaking to see that woman who was a wife for 70 years overcome with heartache. It takes a lot out of you as a caregiver. I appreciate the family was so open to teaching me the couple of days their culture and foods. It was an educational experience. I got my oil changed by Walmart they didn’t tighten the valve so now I need motor work. So I’ve only been offering incall this week. My nephew was holding me my other car I left at my parents.

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