couple elderly

I’ve been caring for an elderly couple full-time. The man came home Friday and they put him in hospice. He passed away not too long after midnight on Sat. He loved God and he loved going to church. It’s fitting he walked into eternity to join his sister on a Sunday. And on his 92nd Birthday hell be spending with his sister in heavenly places. I would be putting his stalkings on he had no leg hair and he’d go ouch you pulled a hair and giggle. I tell him at least it wasn’t a nose hair. When he bw using his waller he says watch your toes. I’d say you run over my toes ill gave to borrow yours. He giggle and was so sweet. He loved to give every day. Saturday before I left I knew he wouldn’t be there when I arrived Sunday morning. I gave him a clean shave trimmed nose hairs and his ear hairs. The hospital did awful on hygiene care. It was only right to make him look like the elderly man I cared for. “Himself,” I told him I know he likes to be all cleaned up for church. But actually meeting Jesus he needs to also look his Sunday Best. The wife told me that he was so at peace when he went. She said id do a damn good job grooming him. She said he looked like himself. It made the whole family happy. MR. RK it was an honor to care for you. And Happy 92nd Birthday and welcome home. I know your sister was happy to have you back. 

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