Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day 2024 was so Awesome!!! I was in Aw. I have great clients and they are so sweet. I had one bring me a Japanese plum wine. It was delicious. Well, I’ve not drunk it all I savor the taste. But it is Amazing. I had one but I quality chocolates from a store that makes them on site. And they are delicious! And I had a client show up with 4 bags of goodies. He went to a torrid and got me lingerie and a lace robe. The stuff is so sexy! I felt like a Queen yesterday and love it.

Thank you so much you all were just so sweet and I loved all the gifts. It was so amazing and so unexpected!! Oh, and I had one take me out for dinner last night and we had a great conversation. Thank you for making my Valentine so special and so unexpected!!!  Xoxoxo I Love you guy

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